Fresh from a massage session? Please avoid the following

Listen, everyone goes to a massage room for a reason, to get a massage from fully trained masseuse who has worked hard to learn massage. One of the main reasons is; it’s responding to the demands of a worked body. At times, it’s natural for a body to demand a de-stress, or just need a relax after a hard day’s work, or perhaps, your body might only need a self-treatment. All these and others are caused because the body is deprived, and so needs to mend this situation, and the only right way to this-depending to a person-might be through massage.

Your body is dehydrated after a massage

A massage might even cause a lot more than you expected to the body. Many usually equate it to a workout session, where the body gets dehydrated. Precisely, massage breaks the tense muscles, which are responsible for harboring toxins. As a result, after a massage, your body will need to learn to purge up the toxins as it heals.

This means your responsibility after a massage should be taking care of your body, including taking a shower. However, alcohol is not necessary at this time. Remember, your efforts should be to make the benefits you get in a massage room, to last for a considerable time. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting not only your resources but also your time.

Alcohol too is a dehydrating agent

With alcohol, you won’t feel the benefits of a massage for a longer time, and two, alcohol cause a dehydration urge, where the body works hard to get rid of this substance from your body quickly. Thus, the extra fluid needed for this is drawn from the cells. In the same way, a massage session leads to dehydration; you can’t, therefore, feed your body back to its normalcy with another dehydrating agent. Therefore, yes, you shouldn’t drink alcohol after a massage.

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